More than a hundred years have gone by since Perito Francisco Moreno donated the land that was to be the first National Park in Argentina (Parque Nacional Argentino). Our mission, continuing in the same line of passion, is to actively help in the preservation of the national parks, as a contribution to the development and spreading of its activities for the present and future generations to use and enjoy.

Parques Nacionales are in fact a responsibility. They need to be taken care of and preserved. To that end Fundación Parques Nacionales has taken a long term commitment related to Administración de Parques Nacionales. To cooperate with the selected objectives, with transparency and operative independence, our Foundation summons individuals, NGOs, and other companies. It is with their contribution of ideas, time and economical means that we materialize specific projects. Both with responsibility and commitment.

Our aims
The Foundation has set itself certain aims, namely, among others:

- To be of help to governmental institutions related in some way to the protection of National Parks.
- To cooperate with their protection.
- To accomplish strategies able to strengthen the incoming of private capitals from around the world.
- To work on the identification of priorities concerning activities leading to the preservation of the regional ecosystem.
- To promote the National Parks of Argentina, as places of unique beauty, joy, pride and worldwide attraction.
- To keep their virtues intact for the use and joy of future generations.
- To generate alliance and participation from other national and international foundations.
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