Because we share passion for the environment and Nature, we are a multidisciplinary professional group offering our creativity, imagination, time and operative ability at the disposal of the Foundation. In charge of the managership of the Foundation are Claudio Hirsch, Dylan Williams and Daniel Hirsch.



2002-2010 actions:
·   Fishing Permit Edition, 2002/2003 season.
·   Agreement with Timberland company to provide working clothes for all Glacier Warden employees.
·   En Patagonia magazine edition, with free of charge distribution.

Actions in association:
·   Signed agreement as to donation of fuel between YPF Repsol and Administración de Parques Nacionales. (2007)
·   Agreement between Fundación YPF, FPN and APN to work together in different activities.
·   Donation of the equipment to digitalize the Museo de la Patagonia collection, San Carlos de Bariloche.
·   Donation of the Press Room for the Congreso Iberoamericano de Parques Nacionales y Areas Protegidas.
·   Parques Nacionales official book. Sponsors: Fundación YPF and Telefónica de Argentina. Photographs by Diego Ortiz Mugica. An invitation: Telefonica de Argentina with Diego Ortiz Mugica and the National Parks Foundation invites you to the exhibition "Argentine National Parks." A selection of 18 photographic works that show the immense beauty of our parks, outdoor and open to the public in the Plaza Libertador General San Martín. FROM NOVEMBER 19 TO JANUARY 3.